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All You Need to Know About Vintage Overdyed Rugs

Over the last few years, a new trend has emerged in the rugs industry as the older hand-woven rugs are being revitalized in a way that complements the modern homes. The vintage overdyed rugs are rugs obtained by bleaching previously used vintage rugs and giving an entirely new look with bold and natural dyes. The vintage overdyed area rugs feature great and unique design. Unlike other types of rugs, overdyed rugs do not start with strands or wool or other designs.

Vintage rugs that were hand woven years ago are hand-bleach by scrapping with a broom until a “distressed” look is achieved. They are then dried and repaired by experts before wools in damaged areas are replaced.

Next, experts hand-mix the vegetable dyes with different beautiful colors. A chrome bowl filled
with water is heated in an open fire to the boiling point before the dye mix is added. The rug is then hand dyed with the using the boiling mixture.

The whole process is exciting as no one knows exactly how the rug will look like after the process. One the rug has been successfully dyed, it is left to dry before it is thoroughly washed again to ensure that the dye does not run out.


rugsStyling the Vintage Overdyed Rugs

Styling the overdyed area rugs is not easy due to their bold colors. However, it is possible to style overdyed rugs to fit the design of any room. Overdyed area rugs require enough space. These types of rugs feature a lot of character and should be given enough room for it to look nice. You can use to decorate the living room, wall décor, dining rooms or even under the coffee tables.

You also have to decide on the color before ordering one. You may not have to think about a color that matches your room, but the type of impression you want to create on the room. For instance you may want calm bedroom and a lively dining room. Green and blue are the best colors to achieve a cool vibe while red and white can be good for creating a lively impression.

Types of Knots Used in Overdyed Rugs

Different styles of overdyed rugs have different types of knots. Here are some examples of knots used in overdyed rugs:

– Turkish knots.

– Hand knotted Persian Rugs.

Style of Overdyed Rugs Available in the Market

The following types of overdyed rugs are available in the market. Choose one that fits the style of your home décor.

– Monochromatic patchwork
– Patchwork Rug
– Muted patchwork
– Bright colors


Vintage overdyed rugs have gained popularity over the recent years due to their ability to complement well with modern homes. The popularity results from the combination of traditional design with contemporary resulting in a chromatic composition. The overdyed rugs and are quality and are cleaned just like any other oriental rug. However, while washing this type of rags, it is recommended that you use vacuum sparingly, avoid high foot traffic area and use only natural cleaning solutions. This proper care, overdyed rugs can be used for a long time.