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Tips on Choosing the Right Awning for Your Home

An awning can help you to utilize your outdoor space. If you want a place where your kids can play or even a barbeque porch, an awning will serve you just right. There are different types of awnings depending on your preference. The type of awning that you choose will depend on the use and size.

Some awnings are attached to the house while others are installed some distance away from the house. For instance, if you want an awning for parking your car, you will be required to install it away from your house roof.


The material that you will use for your awning plays a big consideration. You need to consider using a material that is strong and durable. When it comes to awnings, there are a variety of choices.

Some people prefer to go for canvas, aluminum or even PVC. The material that you use will depend on your budget and how you are planning to use the awning. Aluminum is a little bit costly, but it is also the most durable material.

rectractible awning

Freestanding or Movable

You have a variety of options when choosing the type of awning that you want. You can opt for freestanding or a movable awning. A freestanding awning is strong and stable. It is ideal for people who have a specific use for their awning.

If you already know how you want to use your awning, consider getting a free-standing one. On the other hand, a movable awning is great if you want it to serve different purposes. You can always move it depending on your preferred use.

Side Panels

awningsWhen it comes to awnings, you can choose awnings with side panels or free-standing ones. You need to make sure that the awning that you use will serve your needs. If you want an awning where your kids can play, consider one with side panels.

The side panels will prevent extreme wind and sunlight when your kids are playing. On the other hand, an awning for parking your car might not need side panels.


A good awning should match the look of your roof. The awning should match with the roof design. You need an awning that will not look like an addition to your house. It should look like part of your entire house.…